Travel Stories

Monthly Hippy Market

The monthly hippy market at Barão de Sao Joao held every 4th Sunday of the month has been serving up a collective mix of food stalls, handmade hippy items, music and a feel good factor, for 20 years. in fact just celebrating that milestone in April this year. For anyone living the #Vanlife if you … Continue reading Monthly Hippy Market

Rugged West Coast part two

After spending a few days overlooking Vila Nova de Milfontes, exploring the beaches and being blessed with perfect blue sky’s I headed further north looking for Praia do Malhao a beginners surf wave and apparently a few nice places to park a camper. I headed down the sandy track signposted from the main road. And … Continue reading Rugged West Coast part two

Hitting the rugged West Coast

Looking at a map of Portugal you will find from Sagres in the south west tip all the way to Sines just below Lisbon is all nature reserve, a mix of rugged granite cliffs at Sagres slowly dissipating into softer sandstones and dunes by the time you reach Sines. The skyscraper holiday apartments of the … Continue reading Hitting the rugged West Coast

Leaving Barranco Beach

The time had come to leave the tranquility of barranco beach and the #vanlife family I had made, my folks had arrived in Portugal and were hear for a few days, this was good chance for a catch up. As I headed towards rocha brava, my meeting place with my folks, I decided to stop … Continue reading Leaving Barranco Beach

Barranco Beach hippy haven

Barranco beach is one of those rare and special places in Europe that time forgot. This beach haven has been known about by hippies for decades, a gathering place to escape the harsh cold winters of the north. Hidden down a 5km rutted dirt track and tucked out of reach from the greedy capitalists of … Continue reading Barranco Beach hippy haven

Hitting the Road

The winter was upon me as I drove away from the house to start my #vanlife adventure, a nervous sensation fluttering in my stomach a mixture of excitement and apprehension for the journey to come. I was to sail from Portsmouth that evening and this was the first time Bee, my self built camper, had … Continue reading Hitting the Road