The week daddy met a girl

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Sunset walk with Marley

Got up very early and grabbed my favourite toy then waited to be let outside, waited and waited, but daddy kept telling me it was to early. I couldn’t wait any longer so danced around shaking my toy with all my excitement inside the van. This soon got daddy out of bed to let me out. Great start to a fresh week, daddy didn’t seem to think so.
Met our camper van neighbours cat they traveled with, I even sat inside there van with my daddy, on my best behaviour of course, with this cat who just sat and challenged me to a starring contest, it never blinked once, and I looked for ages. Daddy said he was very proud of me for being so good, I’m still not sure what to make of that cat though.

My daddy has been a little preoccupied, he’s met up with that girl he went for dinner with last week, I’ve been feeling a little left out and have been trying to get my daddy’s attention by barking at everything my daddy’s told me off for, I know, I know. I’m being a little naughty but I just want to play with my daddy and have his love all to myself again.

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Marley with a massive open beach to play

We have moved a couple of times this week, daddy said we made it all the way to Sagres and to the furthest southern tip of Portugal, doesn’t mean much to us doggies, only that it was a bit windy and rather cold. I was actually glad daddy only wanted to spend one night near and I even willingly got into the travelling cage when it was time to leave. We didn’t drive very long but found an amazing big beach for me to play, daddy says it was called Cordoama on the west coast and that it is my first time seeing the west coast and the choppy Atlantic Ocean. I couldn’t care I just ran and ran and played for hours all along the beach with daddy all to myself, heaven.

Got another telling off from a grumpy doggie for sticking my nose into his camper van, I was only saying hello after all. Maybe I shouldn’t go into people’s camper vans as much as I do but I’m just a little nosy.

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Friends get together

Daddy met up with that girl again the one he had dinner with last week, and this time I was invited along. I was on my best behaviour and stayed close to daddy all night, the girls dog really didn’t like me being there and growled at me on a few occasions, I even got a little nip when I jumped down to get some water, my daddy decided at this point it wasn’t going to work with the girl and took me home. I’ve finally got daddy all to myself again.

We moved the next day and this time drove further north along the west coast to Carrapateira and Amado surf beach. It’s been great having my daddy back and we played ball for hours and hours walking as the tide was out, my daddy has to hit the ball with a tennis racket so that it goes a long way for me. He even teased me by hitting the ball into the water for me to try and get. However a couple of times a big wave came and hit me on my head as I was retrieving the ball. I got my own back on daddy as I ran as fast as I could up the side of the cliff with the ball which I casually dropped and sat next to it refusing to move. I waited and waited until daddy was almost to me then grabbed the ball and ran back down. I found this to be hilarious, daddy not as much.

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Marley ball in mouth enjoying the beach

Until next week 

Marley 🐾

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