The Horse Chase Week

Found an old plastic bottle in the hedge, got so excited I ran around and around like a mad thing tossing it and grabbing it then tossing it again, grabbing it, shaking it and running some more. Wow the fun you can have with an old plastic bottle and it makes my daddy so very happy as all I could hear was him laughing and laughing.

Marley with his name sake

We have been parked at Furnas beach for a few days this week, there’s so much to explore hear, there are even caves on the beach, daddy and me have been walking all along the cliffs, it’s so beautiful and open up there, and every so often we surprise a partridge or two from the grass. Actually I think they surprise me more but I give chase every time, it’s a brilliant game, I’ve got such long spindly legs my daddy says it looks like I skip and bounce after them, I do get terribly excited but they always fly away and I find that very unfair.

Got up this morning and played with my camper van neighbours little puppy all morning, she was called Martha and we had so much fun playing and chasing each other. It was sad when her owners had to go.

Marley ball in mouth on Furnas beach

Had a nip on my nose for trying to chase and then take another doggies ball. He gave me a right telling off and I’ve still got the puncture wound on my nose to prove it, grumpy old doggie. I was only trying to play and have some fun.

Woke up and stole my new next door neighbours dogs toy, think it was his favourite, I was just trying to get the other dog to chase me, I don’t think daddy was that impressed because he took it of me and gave it back. Just before our walk however I managed to steal the little toy again and this time got my daddy to chase me a long way across the beach, by the time my daddy had finally chased me down we were so far away from the vans that he decided I could keep playing with it until we returned, I danced around with such excitement shaking my prize with all my effort possible, I did get very tired and didn’t mind one bit when daddy gave the toy back, I was happy to take a well earn’t nap.

Marley looking out over Zavril beach

Went chasing a massive four legged thing my daddy later told me was a horse, as it galloped along the beach it was so fast I could only just keep up, me chasing and barking with such excitement, my daddy giving chase behind, shouting with equally as much excitement, or so I thought. My daddy wasn’t happy with me when he finally caught up with me, all out of breath, by this time we were over 3km away.

I was on my best behaviour the very next day when another horse came ridding right passed our van, I sat and looked at my daddy who gave me one of his stares that says “don’t even think about it” so I was a good boy and just watched.

My daddy left me to go for dinner with a girl, he didn’t take me because the girls doggie was being a bit protective. I don’t lie it when daddy leaves me on my own even if it was only for an hour. Daddy says he hasn’t had much luck with the ladies in his life and it’s been a very long time since he had a serious relationship with anything other than four legs, so I guess I shouldn’t be to cross I was left for a short while.

Marleybeeandme parked Furnas beach

For the rest of the week my daddy moved us along the coast just a small distance to Ingrina beach, and again I’ve not been travel sick, I’m still scared when we drive but every time it seems I’m getting slightly better at it. Daddy says he’s very proud of me which makes me very happy, plus my daddy does go to some exciting places.

Until next week
Marley 🐾

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