The Week Marc Came

Marley parked in rural algarve

Found a massive stick this morning, came running back all excited only to find I couldn’t get it up onto mine and daddy’s bed, no matter how many times I tried or whichever way I turned my head, I still couldn’t get it up there. Daddy was in stitches laughing and even took my photo.

Marley and the big stick

Travelled with daddy into Loule for shopping and the post office, I was on my best behaviour as it’s a busy town with lots of noise and I didn’t want to loose my daddy. After daddy had finished his business and a long walk in the park, we travelled to Ilha de Faro one of the many sandy islands that sit just off the coast of Faro, I was such a brave boy with travelling and almost managed to make the entire journey before I was sick, my best effort with motion sickness yet. Daddy still said how proud of me he was and gave me lots of reassuring cuddles.

Woke up and grabbed daddy’s sock, gave it a good shaking only this time daddy didn’t chase me, very disappointed. Instead grabbed daddy’s hat out of his hand while we were out on one of our walks, gave it a good shaking and this time got daddy to chase me all along the beach, so much fun and a far better result.

Marley doing a photo bomb

My daddy found an old football washed up on the beach, I had great fun trying to get it off daddy, then daddy trying to get it off me, after a while daddy got tired and sat down, I tried my hardest to get daddy to play by running backwards and forwards shaking the ball about with all my might, until I lost it in the sea, I’m a little scared of the sea so didn’t attempt to get it back.

Ran after a flock of giant egrets in a grassy field, turns out the field not at all fluffy grass but hidden under its surface was a prime evil ooze, came out my feet all covered in this black smelling gunky stuff, and I didn’t even get anywhere near the egrets, won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

As soon as I make that promise to myself the very next day I spot a seagull perched at the waters edge at the low tide mark of a river. Like a shot I’m giving chase, in one stride I’m at top speed when suddenly, I hit a sticky patch my front legs give way and my chest ploughs into the muddy water creating a wave that covers me from head to foot I emerge covered in that black funky smelling gunk again, and looking rather sheepish with myself, daddy found it most amusing, sadly I knew what was coming next, a hosing down, at least daddy made the water warm.

Daddy had a friend visit us from England for a few days, we have been out walking loads but my daddy has been a little distracted always talking to his friend Marc. This gave me the perfect opportunity to chase a group of chickens before daddy or Marc even had time to work out what had happened. I managed with ease to catch a real chunky fat fella but my daddy was fast over the wall and gaining ground, shouting at me to leave. I drop the chicken but can’t help myself and have to pounce again, this happens a few more time before daddy finally catches me, red handed with a mouth full of feathers. Daddy was very cross with me and seemed quite concerned for the chicken, can’t understand whatever for. The chicken to my dismay survived the ordeal.

Woke up this morning and grabbed Marc’s sock, gave it a good shaking and got Marc to chase me round our camper van, great start to the morning and I’m sure Marc loved it as much as me because he played for ages.

We have travelled a lot this week and my daddy says he is so proud of me for doing so well. I’ve only been sick once and that includes a journey of just over 120km almost to the west coast of Portugal. I’m still not happy about travelling and I’ve now learnt when daddy is about to drive somewhere new, at that point I choose to go and sit outside and show my protest by not coming in when called, daddy comes over and slowly talks to me and encourages me until I finally do come in and we travel somewhere exciting. Oh I do hope I find it easier to travel over the coming weeks.

Until next week
Marley 🐾

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