Christmas Week

That’s me Marley moo

My name is Marley sometimes affectionately known as Marley Moo this is because I’m a dog, my daddy says I’m a Whippet cross with a Podengo, all I know is I am a very fast doggie and love to run and play all the time, my daddy says I’m a little mischievous and cheeky but get away with a lot because I’m so cute. This is my very first post all about mine and daddy’s travelling and living the vanlife through the eyes of me, Marley moo.

Woke up stole one of daddy’s socks ran outside, gave it a good shaking and got daddy to chase me, an excellent start to morning although daddy didn’t seem that excited.

Sat patiently at out camper van neighbours BBQ until he succumbed to the pleading eyes and floppy ear routine and I was rewarded with a slice of tantalising bacon, my daddy wasn’t to happy I was disturbing the people but I don’t think they minded one bit.

We have walked a lot this week on beaches and through pine forests, daddy said we are a place called Quarteira, i love the beaches best because my daddy throws a ball or a stick for me to chase and I love running so much I think I could burst with excitement just writing about it. My daddy says he has averaged 11.7km this week and he feels it in his feet, all I know is I’ve done at least 5 times what my daddy’s done and I’m also a rather tired doggie, I do hope we get a rest tomorrow but then again we are on the beach, yeah!

Sunset walk with daddy

While daddy and I were out on one of our walks I followed an Indian guy carrying food on a tray right into what my daddy later told me was a restaurant and that I mustn’t walk in there again, it’s true we did get some funny looks, it’s hard not to do naughty things when you are ruled by your nose.

Got told off for barking at a bicycle, again. They are so quiet and sneaky that I get surprised and the bark is just a reflex but before I know it I’m chasing as fast as I can go and that’s what my daddy gets upset about, I’ve been explained that I might get hurt or run into traffic so I’ve promised to try my hardest in the future.

My daddy has been throwing stones for me all along the beach, all day daddy would throw a stone along the waters edge for me to chase but I could never quite pick it up before daddy would seize up the stone tease me a little before throwing it all over again, oh the happiness, I was a very tired doggie afterwards as this went on FOREVER, I fell fast asleep on my daddy’s lap.

Marley moo keeping an eye on dad’s Christmas dinner

Daddy and I got a visit from a friend for the dog sanctuary that we were working at not so long ago, daddy had been telling me for a few days that Chloe was coming to visit, what he didn’t mention was that Chloe brought Toby, my best mate Toby who I’d not seen since we left. Wow I had such a great day chasing sticks along the beach with Toby, I’m always a lot quicker than Toby, as he’s a big dog, so I would always let Toby give chase first then I would catch Toby then grab the stick and tease Toby with it. We both got a little distracted when we came across a game of football on the beach, chasing down a massive ball I couldn’t even get my teeth around was a lot of fun but Toby almost broke the ball as he could pick it up no problem, daddy and Chloe kept calling us but I think the boys were having as much fun as me and Toby.

Woke up and stole my daddy’s sock again, ran outside giving it another good shaking and this time got my daddy to chase me even further, such fun.

We had Christmas this week, daddy did explain all the significance, honestly it was a bit lost on me, I am a dog after all. I did however enjoy the present giving side especially as daddy gave me chew bone and an awesome new cuddly toy I can toss around and destroy. I felt a little bad because I hadn’t got daddy anything so instead I tried to be the best Marley I could be for the whole day.

We haven’t done that much travelling this week and that’s fine with me as I still get travel sickness we we have to move, my daddy says that it’s because of the Christmas festivities that he decided we should stay as long as we have in one spot, it’s a fantastic spot under the pine trees at Quarteira. There has also been a lot of doggies for me to play with and everyone been so nice and friendly.

Bee our camper parked up at Quarteira
Until next week
Marley 🐾

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