New year new start

As it’s the beginning of a fresh new year, and as it turns out it was a long while ago I posted, I’ve decided on making a few changes to this website blog.  I never really felt me explaining my Travels with a few photos and few words very engageing or even interesting to read, I started to find it hard to put pen to paper and of course after a while completely forgot why I wanted to do this in the first place.

Well that’s about to change, I’ve hit upon a formula for writing about my travels that I not only enjoy writing but I hope will bring a little smile to people’s day.  This is not some original formula I’m trying to take credit for, this is just a way I’ve found which works for me and hope works for your enjoyment also.

Marleybeeandme rainbow bee

First of all a little introduction and a catch up on my story so far.  I live the ever popular vanlife, in a rusty, leaky, lovely characterful LDV Convoy that I have named Bee and for a long time myself and Bee travelled around the Portuguese algarve area keeping away from the cold English winters, then one day while parked next to a hippie market I was introduced to a skinny long legged whippet looking puppy who desperately needed a forever home.  I have to be honest and say my first impression was I didn’t really like him, thought him all legs, however the moment I bent down on one knee to say hello he jumped into my lap wagging his tail and an instant friendship was born. I named him Marley.

Marleybeeandme marley moo

After a few days Marley, bee and me moved location and this was when I found out poor Marley gets very travel sick.  After talking to the wonderful Portuguese people whom we would meet on our walks we were given some great advice and finally ended up being introduced to a wonderful lady at animal rescue algarve, she invited us over to stay to get Marley some help with his travel sickness.  Eight months later and after being employed as a manager alongside another, Marley and me finally left but very proud that we had taken a dog sanctuary with 10 dogs hardly being walked to 68 dogs all being walked twice a day, training in place and a constant stream of up to 13 volunteers from all around the world helping via, helpxand Facebook.  We re-homed 32 dogs across Portugal and further into Europe where I still get pictures of happy families with there dogs. However Marley never got over his travel sickness while we were there but instead proved to be full of character and so much fun that I started writing down some of the mischief this little fella found himself in.  And so I found a way of writing that I enjoyed and suddenly this new blog idea was born.

Marleybeeandme princess rehoming

Each week Marley is going to write a diary style post explaining what we have been up to, places of interest we may have been, places we have stayed and all the mischief he’s caused and trouble he gets himself into, and believe me there is always something. I will always try to include a few photos of the weeks adventures.  Marley already has a few weeks worth lined up so will always be posting behind time.  This allows Marley enough time to edit each episode, he is a dog after all.

I do hope you like this new idea for this blog and enjoy reading all Marley’s mischief and antics set in and around the vanlife movement, all whilst we travel around Portugal trying to find ways to support ourselves and having fun in the process.

Marleybeeandme marley moo

2 thoughts on “New year new start

  1. Ill look forward to reading Marleys blogs. I used to help my dog Marvin (also an Algarve rescue) write his blogs. Sadly we are no longer living, travelling and blogging together. He is with his ‘dad’, currently vanning it in Spain.

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