Introducing Bee

So this is My LDV Convoy I named Bee, she is 13 years old and has 50,000 on the clock. A 2.4 litre Ford Diesel engine and I can get about 30mpg. Originally a 17 seat minibus, one owner a nursery school based in London. It is 3.5 ton gross weight and has double tyre rear wheel drive. It took about 3 months in the evenings and at weekends to convert bee into a camper with wood burning stove, kitchen, bed and living area. Every #vanlifer I’ve met agrees their home is still a work in progress and I’m no exception. The more I live in Bee the more I adapt her to suit my needs.

My original design had a drivers seat and two passenger seats up front and then everything was built back from there.

That same area now looks completely different. A long time ago I realised I wasn’t using the seats so took them out and gave them away, then built a cupboard and an extension to the seat.

And the view towards the back showing sleeping arrangement and kitchen area. I have a 100amp hour gel leisure battery recharged by driving and 80watts of solar. This allows me to run a compressed fridge full time, an 300w inverter and to charge the usual gadgets. And of course the wood burner. For anyone considering buy an LDV Convoy there are a few little issues to check. The sealants applied to the fibreglass roof section are now old and deteriorated letting in water. This must be replaced with new silicon to make it water tight. Under the bonnet in each corner they tend to rust out leaving holes that allow water to come inside the van. Again this must be filled to make water tight. The carpet in the front needs ripping out and throwing away it will be wet and causing rust to form underneath.

All the above jobs are very straight forward and can be self taught without a problem. And once sorted the engines are Ford Transit based and seem to be very reliable. I honestly would recommend an LDV Convoy to anyone who’s considering it.

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