Monthly Hippy Market

The monthly hippy market at Barão de Sao Joao held every 4th Sunday of the month has been serving up a collective mix of food stalls, handmade hippy items, music and a feel good factor, for 20 years. in fact just celebrating that milestone in April this year. For anyone living the #Vanlife if you find yourself in the west corner of Portugal there is a family that awaits at this market.

For the whole family this market has the feel good factor of safety and friendship, a community living in vans, tents, RV’s and motorhomes scattered throughout the month travelling there separate paths, coming together for just a few days each month, catching up on new stories and old friendships and throwing a dam good market

A skateboard ramp is used by the children all day running from one side to the next without seemingly pausing, all the while adults sit chatting, relaxing, eating, drinking and catching up with old friends.

A free jamming session takes place giving an ambience of tranquility to truly one of the most remarkable non commercial markets still in existence.

For Marley Bee and Me it was a chance to sell my home made ginger beer, cultivated from a culture of fresh ginger and natural yeasts present in the atmosphere. It proved to be successful and I sold all I made. Netting me a whopping €10. But it proved to me I could upscale and make a bit more.

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