Rugged West Coast part two

After spending a few days overlooking Vila Nova de Milfontes, exploring the beaches and being blessed with perfect blue sky’s I headed further north looking for Praia do Malhao a beginners surf wave and apparently a few nice places to park a camper. I headed down the sandy track signposted from the main road.

And found myself hear. Malaho didn’t disappoint, sitting on small sandstone cliffs of maybe 30ft above the sea you can perch yourself at the edge having a seemingly endless view of the horizon, walking along the coastal footpaths kept me busy and with the diversity of wildflowers and secret coves to discover I felt, for a few days, in paradise.

The weather was starting to look like the long overdue rains were about to fall as I pulled into Praia dos Aivados A stunning little spot eye level with the sea, an old river entrance created from the last ice age, and a glorious spot to spend a few days. The cliffs all along this section of coast are now soft sandstone cliffs and sand dunes fixed in position with wild flower vegetation of thyme, lavenders, tarragon, fennel’s, and sage to name a few, and backed with black pine tree forests.

The weather wasn’t perfect with the odd rain shower and heavy burst as I started driving back down south in search of better weather and the monthly hippy market at Barao de Sao João.

When you find out your home on wheels really is that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. #Vanlife truly is awesome.

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