Barranco Beach hippy haven

Barranco beach is one of those rare and special places in Europe that time forgot. This beach haven has been known about by hippies for decades, a gathering place to escape the harsh cold winters of the north. Hidden down a 5km rutted dirt track and tucked out of reach from the greedy capitalists of society it truly is a paradise waiting to be discovered by all who find there way.

For me the #vanlife movement is a special family who choose a different way of life, either by choice or force whoever finds this life will find a family of welcoming strangers and barranco beach is a beautiful example of the generosity, kindness and compassionate nature of the #vanlife family.

The hippies and alternates have been gathering hear escaping from the winters further north for years. Eleven years ago a beautiful couple had built a bamboo shack nestled into the shrubs hidden from view and were cultivating the land with fruit and veg. Even just as recently as 3 years ago you could still camp up to the waters edge and through out the fauna, until the firm hand of greedy money makers decided what we were doing is wrong and placed large boulders to restrict access. Slowly this paradise beach is changing and it may not last that long. In a few years this could all be forgotten if the capitalists build cafes and beach bars.

From my very first winter spent at barranco I fell in love and each year since I still amazed and humbled by the lovely people who make up #vanlife and I’m proud to call myself one of the family.

2 thoughts on “Barranco Beach hippy haven

  1. Stunning pictures. We spent some time here this winter & loved it. We were talking to people who said a few year back you could camp wherever you liked until they put the boulders in and we were trying to imagine how beautiful it must have been…& Now we can see! So glad to have the chance to see the pictures for ourselves…thank you! Xx

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