#vanlifers tip for Washing Clothes

One of the biggest problems living the #vanlife is the limited amount of water we all have, for some that supply is massive, RV’s especially have storage tanks containing a 100 litres and more. Others like myself only carry relatively small amounts. The common factor is we all have a limited supply.

I carry 2x15litre Jerry cans and 2×6 little water bottles, giving me a total of 42litres maximum of drinking water. I can live off 42litres for at least 10days but I know people who would use 40litres a day.

If I have to do my dirty laundry this can become quite a different story. Using 15litres of water in one go is common washing my clothes by hand. Of course you can always go to a laundrette and use there machines, it does makes life easier. What if there was a different way………

I was told of a tip from a fellow #vanlifer that I want to share with you now, it’s not a secret it just clever and you’ll wonder why you’d not thought of it before. So how to wash your clothes like a washing machine without the effort and hassle and expense

First you need a container that can seal air tight. One of these is perfect.

Next add your dirty washing, don’t cram it in, give it space. Next add detergent of your choice. Now fill with water so it just covers the dirty washing, remember it’s important to leave space, next load onto or into your #homeonwheels and drive to your next nights park up.

About 15 minutes later, stop and empty the water and refill with clean. Finish driving to your nights camp spot and park up. Now empty the water, ring out your clothes and dry. Lovely and simple.

Doing this at the same time as your water run, shopping and bits and bobs running around town will save you time, energy and money and you get your washing done for free no back breaking needed. Simples

Hope you guys found this useful. Would love to hear of any neat tricks you may have for any van life scenario.

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