LDV Convoy camper Conversion part 5

So after installing the wood burner, and just in time as the temperature dropped. As you can see there is a lot to do I need to finish of the sides and my budget would only stretch to a thin bit of 6mm ply board.

The flooring is kitchen vinyl given to me from my parents who at the time were re-doing there kitchen. It’s one whole piece covering from front to back.

So over the course of the weekend I started to build the frames. At the back of the beginning of my fixed bed, it’s a tight double but very nice single sleeping width ways

Then over the following weeks I began on the kitchen area and the seat/storage unit that’s by the bed

By a few weekends later I was already sleeping in Bee and it felt amazing having that wood burner going. Already feeling like a home. I’ve added over the top of the frame work individually sanded pallet wood. The kitchen top is a piece of ply for added contrast.

I still had enough room for an “L” shaped seating area between my kitchen and the front drivers seats all with storage underneath and an area that contains my leisure battery, fuses and all the wiring.

The dark grey top is a compressor fridge built into its own frame to stop it from moving around in transit. A large draw underneath for further storage. I have a thin door next to the spirit level which is made to fit a fold out 80watt solar panel which will be used to charge the 100 amp/Hr leisure battery. After 3 months of hard slog a few cuts and swear words later this is how it turned out.

You probably noticed the silver bubble wrap insulation on the ceiling. The truth of the matter is I never completed my van, the weather was cold I had finished work and was desperate to get away. My little Bee is still not complete I’ve made a few adjustments along the way and have even taken out the passenger seats and built a new frame on cupboards, that then has been taken half apart to allow for something I now need instead. I feel my home will never truly be finished as it is always evolving to my needs.

Stay connect by joining Marley Bee and me as we adventure around Europe follow us for further updates.

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