LDV Convoy Camper Conversion part 4

So today we are going to instal this little beauty. A wood burning stove made by the awesome guys at windy smithy it’s a Louis and has an output of 4KW this is probably way over the top but I do like heat.

The first thing is finding the right location to install it. I know I want it somewhere on the left by the door but what with the roof beams and the chassis beams it proved a little tricky. I decided on bringing it away from the wall a little just enough so the chimney could be straight.

Time to cut a big hole. After a bit of careful measuring, twice, I finally plucked up the courage and cut into my roof

Something like this, all that’s left is to cut the flue to an appropriate height and add a silicon flashing around it then screw it into the roof and into a frame.

This is the frame built between the roof beams, it allows me to screw through the fibreglass roof and into the frame but also acts as strengthening to a rather flexible roof.

This is the silicon flushing, simply screw into roof and the frame behind then a mega amount of silicon sealant was used to make sure no rain water gets in.

Final result and positioning, and the first fire lit in Bee. Such an amazing feeling to get some heat into Bee just to drive the damp out. Some of the best money I’ve spent. I love everything from collecting wood to chopping and to finally you honestly can’t beat lighting a fire on a cold morning and having a cuppa watching the world go by.

So for all that are interested I can strongly recommend the wonderful guys at Windy Smithy, their range of stoves designed with the van dweller in mind are so beautifully designed and compact, I’ve had my wood burner in Bee for a year now and living in a van in winters as far north as we do, it is a must have. Go check the assortment of wood burners on offer at www.windysmithy.co.ukFor news on the next episode and future instalments join us for free updates.

Coming Tuesday 5th @6pm GMT

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