LDV Convoy Camper Conversion part 3

So the last post left me feeling more positive about Bee my LDV Convoy I’ve stopped the leaking sides and the front wings have been patched with body filler, time for the inside and the insulation.

So the first job is to clear this mess and paint whole floor with a rubberised rust protector paint. Then i have to sort out some insulation into those side panels.

So after a couple days and a few coats of paint later I was ready to start the insulation and exactly at that moment a friend rang me up and asked if I needed any Celotex foam insulation boards, all off cuts from a job he’d just done. I immediately got started plugging the sides with 1 inch thick foam boards and silver taped any joins to stop drafts

After doing the sides the floor had a layer of silver bubble insulation all over the rubberised rust stopping paint. Then 6mm pieces of MDF board were cut using the templates of the original and laid on top

Leaving me with an end result like this. The bed is going to be where the back two side windows are and I will need to cover the windows with insulation before I board it out.

With that done I’ve also added a strip of wood just below the box section, this will help when I build the sides becoming a fixing point. I’ve also stuffed the box section with small off cuts of celotex insulation and covered with silver bubble wrap to stop drafts.

Next is my wood burner made by the wonderful people at Windy Smithy this is a Louis it’s output is around 4KW and is designed with #vandwellers in mind suitable for large vans and shepherd’s huts think this will do me nicely on those cold damp days.

Until next time, thanks for reading

Next episode of LDV Convoy Conversion will be posted Sunday 3rd June 2018 @6pm GMT

Stay tuned in or join marleybeeandme for free updates

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