LDV Convoy Camper conversion part 2

So the last post left me with no choice but to cover the entire minibus with a tarpaulin to stop the rain leaking in.

Bee looks sad under the blue tarpaulin so I think it’s time I got to work. First priority is to make her water tight again.

This corner was seriously leaking water from above and all over this lot of wires, fuses, relays and the CPU silver box.

This is the view from the outside of that same corner. After grinding and sanding came the rust stopper, any holes were then filled with body filler and shaped into a new drainage channel.

From the inside this is the final results, at the moment it looks worse than it is. All the black is rust stopper doing it’s magic, I will then paint the whole floor of the cab area with a thick rubberised paint to reduce the noise level as well as protecting it from further rust development.

I then turned my attention the the leaking drainage channel, running the entire length of bee’s roof, the point where the curved fibreglass top meets the thin metal sides. Both sides were really rusted and needed a lot of attention. After treating the rust in the same way as before I then filled any holes with body filler. Many hours of sanding later I have even managed to get a boring shade a grey undercoat on.

That’s because it’s the first day in a long while I could strip off the tarpaulin and really get my hands stuck in.

Feeling very positive as it seems only a few jobs left to get her finally water tight again.

Part 3 to follow on Saturday 2nd June 2018 @ 6pm GMT

Stay tuned in or join us for free updates.

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