LDV Convoy Camper conversion

So this is my van, an LDV Convoy to be exact. This little baby.

I’ve named her Bee, she’s 13 years old, has 17 seats, and done just under 50,000 miles, it was a nursery school minibus used in Wimbledon, London. She has a 3.5ton gross weight, no stereo, no electric windows or heated seats. She shakes, rattles and is slow to drive, the drivers seat is uncomfortable and the rest of them smell of pee. It also has a funky smell throughout, but I love her already.

So the first job is to strip out all those seats, the flooring and the cheap plastic sides to get it back to bare bones

That has revealed a rather nice solid floor, just a few surface rust spots, however the carpet under the front seats is soaking wet and smells funky. So that’s the next thing to be taken out.

Oh dear that’s revealed some proper rust and a few small holes. All these can be fixed with a good grinding disk and wire brush. After cleaning as best I can I will use rust stopper and metal paint.

After having a few days of lovely sunny weather the rain has come and while working inside I noticed leaks everywhere. All down the sides from front to back exactly where the top is fixed to the main shell. A couple of windows also leek but the worst however is the front windscreen both corners seem to be leaking badly letting the rain inside and on the passenger’s side it seems to be dripping over the fuse box wiring. On the plus side I now know why the front carpet smelt funky.

I have no choice but to cover everything in one large piece of tarp.

Part 2 follows Friday 1st June 2018 @ 6pm GMT stay tuned or join us for free updates.

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