Hello and welcome

A little introduction to this blog Marley Bee and me.

This is the first of many posts in the life and story of Marley Bee and me. Firstly let me introduce myself, I’m Andy a child of the flower power 70’s, a gardener by trade, a traveller, surfer, writer and lover of nature. I’ve been travelling all my life and as such have covered a lot and been many places.

I love travelling so much and for me it’s meeting the people of a country and discussing politics, religion and culture that fascinates me continuously. The hospitality of people has been an incredibly humbling experience and I’ve spent many nights with complete strangers being invited in to their homes as guests in every single country I’ve visited.

Some of my highlights include, living for 7 years in South Africa at the start of Nelson Mandela’s presidency, I have slept on the streets of Sri Lanka and India and became a Buddhist monk for a period in Northern Thailand, I’ve worked in a tropical cloud forest in Costa Rica, I’ve seen a volcano explode, involved in a riot in Mexico City, been in an earthquake and I’ve been out with the South African police taking photos of what they do for a living. Among many other tales

For my next travels I have decide to join the #vanlife movement, something I did a long time ago living in a little Renault minibus but back then we were known as New Age travellers. Now the #vanlife is calling again as I need to travel Europe on a tight budget.

Come join in my adventures as I find my ideal van, self build it using my limited carpentry skills and know how, then travel around Europe using my knowledge as a gardener to help people and projects along the way.

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